About Ravenwood Canoes & Boatworks

Perhaps the greatest enjoyment, apart from being out on the water, comes from the moment you slip a completed canoe into the water for the first time after all that work. Strangers will remark on how great it looks, and ask all manner of questions as you prepare to head out. After pushing off from shore, you really begin to enjoy the results of the transformation the boat has undergone. Whether newly constructed or completely restored, or somewhere in between, it's a special moment.

My name is Andre Cloutier, and I've been around a canoe in one form or another for almost as long as I can remember. I paddle and sail wood and wood/canvas canoes, because those are what I enjoy most. Modern companies, through gifted designers, have crafted some wonderfully light and efficient boats; however with the limited number of hours that modern life affords leisure, I find escape from daily life in a classic boat that harkens back to a slower, gentler time the most satisfying.

The small amount of care that is required to keep such a craft in top condition is a welcome way to feel connected to such pursuits, especially when anticipating the next outing or paddling season.